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Gynecology and obstetrics

gynecology and obstetrics



Pregnancy represents a special and unique experience in every woman's life and the period in which she is experiencing numerous mental and physical changes. It's no wonder its named "another state".



Gynecological examination is an important part of prevention and the health care of women. An exam is performed to detect cancer in the earliest stage of infection, sexually transmitted diseases and other reproductive problems.




Sterility (properly infertility) is a condition in which the pair even after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without any contraception cannot achive pregnancy. It can be primary and secondary



The duty of every sexually mature person, in terms of both sexual and basic education, is to know the basics of their reproductive health, the possibilities of achieving pregnancy and the freedom to decide and plan it.

About Us

The Dr Ilic clinic opened its doors for the first time on 12.06.2011. From the beginning, we have made it our priority to work with eminent experts from the fields of gynecology, infertility, perinatology and fetal medicine on site, whilist keeping up with international standards and using only latest equipment and ultrasound machines.

The latest equipment

Dr Ilic clinic is proud to work with the latest ultrasound devices, which are among the top devices in sphere of gynecological-obstetric ultrasound diagnostics. Highly qualified and trained staff who are specialists and sub-specialists in the field of gynecology and obstetrics carry out examintaions on two top 4D ultrasound machine from the Samsung family: Prestige Accuvix V20 and H60.

Qualified personnel

Team leader of our office prof. dr sci. med. Đorđe Ilić a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, with sub-specialisations in infertility and infertility. Manager of the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Clinical Center of Vojvodina. Head of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Medical Faculty in Novi Sad. President of the Association of Gynecologists and Endoscopists of Serbia (UGES). Accredited by the "The Fetal Medicine Foundation" to perform ultrasound screening at 11-13 + 6 weeks of pregnancy. With his extensive experience and high qualifications in scientific and educational circles in the field of gynecology and obstetrics gathers around him only eminent specialists, sub-specialists, professors and other medical staff known for its high quality and diligent work with us and the world.

Our team

Our doctors are forward thinking, providing our patients with only the highest quality of knowledge and best treatment at all times.

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Samsung V8

1 4D Ultrasound machine model Samsung V8, premium class of top performance for complete diagnostics with the latest 4D software. Crystal Architecture technology (Crystal Beam+

CVS – chorionic villus sampling

A method of sampling chorionic placenta-tissue from which placenta will be formed, which has the same genetic structure as the foetus. This method is controlled

Samsung H60

Doing away with the preconception that medical equipment must be large and unwiedly to use, this device effectively combines superior performance with new design principles

What our customers say about us

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Prof. dr Ilić mi trenutno vodi treću trudnoću, vrlo je pristupačan, savestan i odgovoran lekar. Sa svojim stručnim osobljem čini tim, kojem u potpunosti verujem.
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Stručan i posvećen prof dr Ilić, kao i ljubazno osoblje učinili su da mi trudnoća i porođaj prođu uz osmeh. Sve preporuke i neizmerno hvala 🙂
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Predivna doktorka Kečkeš, pričala je sa mnom kao sa svojim detetom. Cena sasvim solidna. Svaka preporuka!
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Prof dr Đorđe Ilić me je operisao pre dve godine. Vrlo pristupačan i ljubazan kao i osoblje ordinacije.
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Vrlo strucan i profesionalan lekarski tim. Odlicno opremnjena ordinacija.
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Predivna doktorka Kečkeš, ima odnos prema pacijentu za svaku pohvalu. Cena sasvim pristupačna 🙂
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sve pohvale za doktora Relju Djordjević 😊 i sestru Teodoru 😊