Dr med. 

Ivana Anđić


Ivana Anđić was born 07.10.1982. She finished elementary school in Futog as valedictorian with invided first places in the national competitions in the field of biology and mathematics


She finished Medical High school in Novi Sad with the best grades and the average score for all four years 5.00. Enrolled in school of Medicine, in 2001. She graduated 22.12.2008. with high grades according to the program of integrated medical studies – master, and on its own initiative wrote and defended graduation exam on “Laparoscopic appendectomy in the treatment of chronic appendicitis”, under the supervision of Doc. Dr. Dejana Ivanova. Specialist in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. Currently on subspecialist studies in perinatology. During November 2019, she stayed at the UCLH in London, where she was mentored by Prof. Dr. P. Pandya on perfecting the protocol, diagnostic and therapeutic methods from perinatology, high-risk pregnancies and fetal anomalies. She continues hers education in February 2020 in London, at the course of Dr. Fred Usakov in the field of diagnostics, prognosis and protocol for fetal CNS anomalies.


She has participated regularly in many educational conferences in the field. She participated in the project “My Pregnancy” – an application for a mobile phone as a consultant and author of educational texts on the subject of pregnancy, which is supported by the provincial ministry of health. Employed at the Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Clinical Center of Vojvodina.

Good knowledge of computer skills. Married with three children. Willing to be perfected.

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