Accuvix V20 is the ultrasound system that offers a 19 "monitor with high resolution and 3D MXI (Multi-eXtended Imaging including Multi Volume Slice, Mirror View, Multi OVIX and 3D orientation help), giving users higher quality images with greater detail and with improved diagnostic accuracy .

Samsung H60

Doing away with the preconception that medical equipment must be large and unwiedly to use, this device effectively combines superior performance with new design principles of simplicity, ease and speed - enabling easy operation even in tight spaces.

CVS - chorionic villus sampling

A method of sampling chorionic placenta-tissue from which placenta will be formed, which has the same genetic structure as the foetus. This method is controlled via ultrasound - through pregnant belly and at any moment you can see where are the foetus and placenta-tissue from which the sample is taken. It is done during the 10-14 week period.