About us

Our philosophy

The Dr Ilic clinic opened its doors for the first time on 12.06.2011. From the beginning, we have made it our priority to work with eminent experts from the fields of gynecology, infertility, perinatology and fetal medicine on site, whilist keeping up with international standards and using only latest equipment and ultrasound machines. Over the years, we have been at the forefront of modernisation and have been there to help a large number of patients with their reproductive health, aiding them in enjoying their pregnancy and age.

Our history is filled with the hundreds of couples who have come to us with little hope of experiencing pregnancy, and whom we have months later been able to joyfully see of to the maternity hospital after many successes. We have tried our hardest through every review and consultation about preventing diseases and unwanted pregnancies. The quality of our services and expertise is evident from the large number of patients who are still our clients, and the innumerable new ones who come to us through their recommendation. Our doctors are forward thinking, providing our patients with only the highest quality of knowledge and best treatment at all times.

Our team


Biljana Cvijanović

Natalija Kolbas

Teodora Stanimirov

Željka Matas